About Nathan Dahm

Nathan Dahm was born in 1983 and spent his childhood in Broken Arrow in the great state of Oklahoma. In 1994, The Dahm family had a calling to move to the former communist nation of Romania in Eastern Europe to serve as Christian missionaries. It was through Christ and mission work that Nathan learned the true meaning of service to others and the true destruction of communism. 

After graduating high school, Nathan served as a missionary for several years before taking on his next call to service. Nathan has seen the effects that communism and socialism can have on a country, which the Radical Left is currently trying to inflict on the United States. 

Returning to Oklahoma, he became actively involved in the Tulsa County Republican Party and has served on the Executive Committee, as a Precinct Chair and Vice-chair, and as the President of the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly.

Nathan also went on to run for and win a seat in the Oklahoma State Senate. Nathan is one of the few home-school graduates to ever serve in the Senate. He has consistently been ranked the most Conservative Senator in Oklahoma, often being the only Senator to score 100%. He has passed over 100 bills all focused on protecting the rights of the people as well as repealing over 200 laws in order to reduce the size and scope of government. Nathan currently is self-employed with his own app development company, and helps manage the cleaning company his family owns. He has worked in the past as an engineering technician for a local municipality, and as a producer for a Tulsa-based production company.

Nathan has seen the effects that communism and socialism can have on a country which the Radical Left is trying to inflict on the United States. He will not let Oklahoma, nor his country, succumb to the same fate. Nathan is a Proven Republican Fighter, ranked the most conservative member of the Oklahoma Senate. Nathan stood by President Trump, put America First, and fought for the great state of Oklahoma. While in the state senate he has defended the Constitution, fought for tax cuts, expanded our Second Amendment rights, and led the fight to promote Conservative values in Oklahoma.

I’m running for United States Senate because it is time for Proven Republican Fighters to stand up and lead! Americans are tired of the Radical Left destroying our country, and Weak Republicans letting it happen. We need Courageous Conservatives, who are willing to challenge the status quo. I have been that Fighter for Oklahoma and I’m ready to take the fight to the swamp.

America-First Conservatives in Oklahoma will always defend our God-given and Constitutional rights.  In the United States Senate, Nathan Dahm will continue to be a Proven Republican Fighter by:

  • Securing our Elections
  • Backing our First Responders
  • Stopping Critical Race Theory
  • Defending the Right to Life
  • Protecting the Second Amendment
  • Securing our Borders
  • Opposing Vaccine Passports
  • Keeping the Feds out of Crypto

Conservative Values. Secure Elections. Rule of Law.

Conservative Values.
Secure Elections.
Rule of Law.

The principles that made America great and will Keep America Great.