Thank You for Your Support!

When I served as a Christian missionary, I saw the ills of communism first hand.

When I returned from the Eastern bloc, I immediately knew America was in trouble. The same socialism I had experienced overseas was now working at destroying our country.

Oklahoma City
I knew I had to fight back. I served as a local Republican Party volunteer and decided to run for office.
And just like when the establishment told me I couldn’t win, I saw the same fight in Donald Trump supporters who believed he could pull off the impossible.

When he first came down the escalator, he faced insurmountable odds.

But Trump put in the work and shocked the establishment and accomplished amazing things.

Booming Economy

Massive Cuts to Red Tape Regulation

Tax Relief for the Middle Class

Kept Us Out of New Wars

Kept Our Country Safe

And what did he get for fighting for us?
He got abandoned by SPINELESS POLITICIANS.
They turned on President Trump and on the patriots who elected him.
Now, the media, the far left, and Rino Republicans want 2020 to be the end of the story. They want Trump Republicans like me to just stay quiet and roll over as they usher in their “New Normal”.
That’s why I’m running for the United States Senate, because…
I won’t roll over!
I know this fight won’t end until we’ve won, so whether you’re new to this fight or you’ve been in it for years like I have, I invite you to join me.

Stand for Election Integrity

Never Waver on our Second Amendment

Send Dr. Fauci to Federal Prison

Support an America First Foreign Policy

Enact Term Limits on Every Member of Congress

Stop the Sick & Twisted Critical Race Theory

Secure our Borders

Keep the Government Out of Bitcoin

My bottom line is this…
Oklahoma needs someone in the US Senate who stands for our principles. Someone who has proven to stand and support President Trump’s America First agenda. A real conservative fighter who won’t ever back down.